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Current Listings: August 2015

Store Manager:

Core Responsibilities - Sales / Staff / Store Appearance / Social Media

This position with growth potential requires a dynamic self starter with a sense of style & urgency! Dobbs & Bishop has its own style, we want you to work with our existing feel and take this business up to new heights as part of a core management team. You'll be responsible for all aspects of the sales process with a focus on a quality experience for every customer - this will include product knowledge, staff training/monitoring & customer satisfaction. The dynamic ownership of Dobbs and Bishop rewards results, your remuneration will include a performance based bonus reflecting increased sales & profits. A hands on / can do / will do attitude is critical - prima donnas need not apply - everyone at Dobbs & Bishop can carry out all tasks - it's a fun fun place to work with a great smart, funny staff. As we approach our 7th year in business, we are ready to move to the next level - we need your help.

You will learn all aspects of running the business, from opening the store to analyzing weekly stock profitability. We expect you to be responsible for sales, including store appearance, cleanliness, shelf management, customer relations, neighborhood relations, cash management. You will have cheesemonger teammates, but it falls to you ultimately to get things done. As a management team member, you will see your great ideas for new sales, new visibility and new store procedures taken seriously and implemented. Excellent taste and a great memory, friendliness and helpfulness are vital to being a great cheesemonger. That is the base on which you will build your managerial position. From there, your time will be spent on growth and excellence.


Business Manager

Our new business manager will be the behind-the-scenes guru who knows all and sees all. Is a product line successful? Let's broaden it. Is a product line languishing? Let's nix it. We continually evaluate new products to engage our customers, but it is you who will have the most to say: does it make sense financially? You will look at financial data and report to the sales team what we're doing right and what needs tweaking. The office is your domain and you will use technology and numbers to tell us what is happening. Quickbooks, our new POS system, Erply and cash-on-hand will be yours to mold to real time information we can use to push us forward. Daily, weekly and monthly data, as well as seasonal predictions will all impact our buying, and that will come from you. You will also have responsibility for operations support. So finding great deals on what we need to run the sales operation, planning expenditures and keeping vendors happy is all your area. We need your voice in planning and your facts for large and small shifts in our store focus. You must be efficient, detail-oriented, self-starter and honest. This position is part-time but can evolve with the right person. We are looking for management teammates, and we will work to perfect a vision together. You have flexible hours but a reliable presence and results will show when the operation is in full swing. Your compensation is commensurate with attitude and delivery on agreed-upon goals.